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The whole moving process is STRESSFUL! HireaLicensedMover is a way for you to effortlessly CONNECT with VETTED, LICENSED & INSURED Moving Companies in Atlanta.

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    Due Diligence is imperative when hiring movers! Watch to learn why you should ONLY HIRE A LICENSED MOVER!

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    Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier We put together this easy Moving and Packing Tips.
    Do your due diligence. Check out the moving company’s reviews and whether they are even a registered business with the division if corporations then with the DOT (Department of transportation) and whatever governmental body specifically licenses moving companies in your state!
    There is one mover in Atlanta with 700 plus 5 star reviews…not one negative…this could be a sign of fake reviews. In the same breath a mover that has a high rating and some people negative reviews is probably more realistic. Do your research!
    Make sure to take inventory of all the items in your home and GET RID! of unnecessary items that you don’t use anymore. Donate them to your local goodwill or have a garage sale. This will save you a lof of money on your move!
    The more packing you do the less you will have to spend on having professional movers pack for you. Make sure to be organized and have a game plan of where items are to go at the new location and label your boxes by room!
    Please do make sure to have plenty of water available for your movers! It is a hard job and the day will go a lot smoother if they are hydrated!
    Reasons you should ONLY HIRE A LICENSED MOVER The advantages of hiring a professional moving company.
    • They are real businesses and not fly by night operators or briefcase businesses
    • Most licensed movers have a reputation and name to uphold. Rogue movers don’t!
    • They have legal and financial hurdles they have to go through or over to become licensed moving companies
    • They are insured for your protection! One accident or theft can wipe out family heirlooms and all your belongings!
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